slang term for the genital region of the male or female.
i. private parts
ii. penis; vagina
iii. small pink penis

I got so mad at him that i kicked him in the peeps, evan had a peeps small pink penis
by p&p July 10, 2008
Vulva, or the part of female body out of which comes urine (peeps)
Mom to to 3 year old: Wipe your peep after you go potty.
Take a bath and make sure you wash your peep.
by R'ateese January 15, 2006
I nice way to refer 'people', less harsh and more cutesy wutesy (I'll never live this down). Also good if you are feeling lazy on msn. ie. all the time. Though may make you sound slightly dumb or retarded if you keep using ut in reality.
Whilst on MSN....
Me: Heyyaaa
other person:Hi
Me:Hows u?
other person:oks, u?
Me:verily gud, did you see how many 'peeps' turned up last nite at the party?....(etc etc)
by lol, ylime October 26, 2006
your regular group of friends, your crew
Me and my peeps were up at burger king last night.
by the famous cooki December 19, 1999
Friends, associates, people you hang around and do things with.
Who is dem people? Man dem is my peeps. We always be together.
by LionelB February 07, 2006
past tense of pee.
Need more explaination?
i peep on that guy's face.
by lala August 21, 2004
im gonna go hang with my peeps
by lahana September 14, 2003
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