Short for a large steet / prison gang "Peoples". This gang is the direct, and main enemy, of "Folks". Both gangs are considered "nations"
The term "these are my 'PEEPS'" first became popular because of the street slang used by gang members.
by Mr2Cool June 03, 2005
When both a girls nipples slip out of her top but not the whole breast.

Called "peeps" because it resembles two eyes "peeping" over a fence.

Not to be confused with only the areola showing, or nipples visible through a garment.
"Dude, check out the peeps on that girl getting out of the water."
by A Nussbaum April 18, 2007
1) small marshmellows in the shape of bunnies or ducks.

2) the ignorants persons way to say people.
1) served around easter, given out in little boxes, you've all seen them

2).... I can't bear to even use peeps in a sentence when refering to people.
by brandi December 15, 2003
slang for 'people'.
refering to friends, associates, family or anyone involved in your inner circle
me and my peeps are having a get together this saturday
by Denia April 24, 2006
To hook up with in sexual context.
I peeped a fly honey last night
by Ben April 10, 2005
Your crew, your friends, your homies, your posse.
I didn't get to see you 'cause I was wit my peeps last night.
by GuidoPosse69 March 01, 2005
slang term for the genital region of the male or female.
i. private parts
ii. penis; vagina
iii. small pink penis

I got so mad at him that i kicked him in the peeps, evan had a peeps small pink penis
by p&p July 10, 2008

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