kid who can't hold their pee
You little pee pot!!
by Delmuire April 28, 2010
Top Definition
1. Toilet

2. The state of being annoyed, grouchy, or pissyover something trivial.
Walter just bit my head off. What's he on the peepot about?
by bvermin February 05, 2009
If you do drugs and are on probation. And you get drug tested all you need to do is go down the block and find a nigga with clean piss in a cup. He sells it for 2-5 dollars and they call it the "Pee Pot".
Carl: Aye fool I need some clean piss im getting drug tested tomorrow fool
Cutty: Aiight go down the street to the Pee Pot and get some clean piss from that youngin
by Bubzee December 06, 2010
A fine term for crank calling.
Callee: Hello.
Caller: PEEPOT! (then laugh hysterically)
by kycircuitrider September 18, 2004
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