Peeping toms are young, undesirable man who look in windows, holes, fences, etc. to SECRETLY watch women. The secretive nature of the activity is as important as seeing her naked. Almost all peeping toms are harmless, but everyone likes hating them. Masturbation is rarely part of peeping.
The peeping tom tiptoed up the ladder, snuck across the ledge, and watched Sarah shower in the nude since her blinds weren't closed all the way.
by Paul Oliveira August 08, 2006
A creeper who can be found easily be stereotyped as one who drinks a lot and throws up, gets rejected by every woman, and listens to shitty music. Peeping Tom visits college campuses around the country, watching girls from his SUV while smoking marijuana. Usually a chainsmoker who has no friends except the bottle. Very accident prone and tends to get pulled over by the cops for horrible driving. Women refer to Peeping Tom as a virgin.
There was a Peeping Tom staring at me in the Courtyard.
by Jiggy Jerkin' April 15, 2010
Band and album fronted by mike patton. The album features guest appearances on every track.
patton has finally released peeping tom.
by Annika. August 18, 2006
A person who lurks in windows, and/or with cameras watching others sexually tryna get them jollies off.

1.) Aww shit I walked by trelyn window and seen her fuckin I had ta peep that out
Baby make sure you close the blinds before you get on this meat them peeping toms might be lurkin tonight.
by whoresmen_ June 30, 2014
A peeping Tom is a person (can be girl or boy) who looks at people in a state of undress through the person's window, or through a crack in the wall, or something else. Peeping Tom's victims don't know that someone is looking at them, and can often just act like there's no one there and have people see them doing gross things, or see them naked. You don't want to have a Peeping Tom peep on you.
Madelin: I caught Caroline looking through the window at my hubby undress, I'm so mad at her!
Jillian: I didn't know Caroline was a peeping tom!
by Your worst nightmare.... Nah February 18, 2013
A hilarious forum troll who frequents the Singles & Dating section of Yahoo! Answers.
Bob: "Peeping Tom always has the right and wrong things to say."

Clarissa: "I heard many of his posts get Unfriendabled."

Bob: "Awesome."
by Tom_Fan May 20, 2011
Taking a shit after eating alot of corn the night before, and looking down and seeing your turd starting to come out of your ass with two little pieces of corn in it, that look like eyes. A piece of shit, with two pieces of corn for eye balls, thats peeping out of your asshole.
Man, i know i ate alot of corn yesterday.. Cause when i was taking a shit, i looked down and had a peeping tom coming out of my ass. That peeping tom scared the hell out of me. It was LOOKING at me maaaaaan!!!
by Josh G, ocala FL October 01, 2009

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