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To partake in the act of acting like a dick.
Me and Jordan were supposed to party, but she peenched out and slapped my mom
by Bigdaddyabe March 06, 2014
- verb (used with objects)
how a smallface (see smallface), redneck, hick or NASCAR enthusiast would describe the action of squeezing or compressing between the finger and thumb, the teeth, the jaws of an instrument, or the like.
Smallface (to New Yorker thinking her pronunciation of "pinch" will sound funny): Hey! Say "peench!"

New Yorker (left extremely confused): Ummm... okay. "Peench."
by Tdeauxpahsssss June 22, 2010
slang term for a hot babe, and getting poon!
Me and my broskis got a nice peench!
by skeezerteaser January 20, 2009