1. a wrinkly, uncircumsized penis

1. He's jewish, he probably doesn't have a peelback

by sysfan08 April 06, 2009
Top Definition
Uncircumsized penis, that ranges from beyond the tip to midhead. But may vary in size, Usually large. But could result in a halfback.
"That boy Mike Mo. gotta peelback!!"
by Michael Gray April 23, 2008
When a girl peels back her labia so that the peestream doesn't get misdirected by the meatflaps. Can also be used to describe a male sliding back his turtleneck.
She made such a mess in the bathroom! Why didn't she do a peelback?
by ANZAC January 18, 2007
A hot lesbian that you want to see more of (naked).
Look at her, what a peelback! I'm gonna bring her home tonight.
by Dyke SF August 21, 2008
1. To use aggressive language towards someone (esp. with the approval of one's friends)
2. To drink alcohol quickly
3. To achieve a decisive victory
1. We were at the party and those stupid girls just kept talking and talking, and I thought, man, Tom's gonna peel back any second, and then he throw's Jenny's handbag right out the window, and says: "Right - all y'all just get the fuck out!", and we were just crackin' up.
2. "We'll meet you at the bar, but first we've gotta peel back this bourbon and then peel back these beers, then we're there."
3. The boys were playing Playstation, but Carter was shit so Marty ended up peeling his ass back.
by dansemacarbe December 09, 2007
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