Another way to flick some one off by holding up three fingers.
Peel the banana! *Holds up index, middle, and ring fingers*
by Mimz October 12, 2005
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To share secret information about an intriguing story, affair, or otherwise devious engagement.
Erin: So just peel the banana already! I want to hear all the juicy details of your hookup last night!?!
Jane: Okay... So it all started with Taco Tuesday at his place....
by No Big Dealz January 11, 2015
Pulling back the foreskin of an uncircumcised man's penis
Q: Hey do you know if Jake is jewish?
A: Naw, I looked over his shoulder at the urinal the other day, and saw him peel the banana
by Truth on Toast March 06, 2014
when a girl unzip a boy's pants and she his penis.
a girl unzip a guy's pants to see his penis
peel the banana
by TBOW January 19, 2012

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