When a female queefs while peeing.
Dude, Margaret Thatcher was so shit canned she peef when she peed her pants.

Dawn peefs, like, every time she pees, it sounds like an airbag deflating.

When she was rolling balls last Saturday, Abby said peefing is the single greatest pleasure a human body can feel.

The hooker peef into my bathroom sink.
by Chairman Mao's Hit parade November 11, 2010
A ridiculous American or a ridiculous moustache.Even better, a ridiculous American, sporting a ridiculous tash.
The kind of moustache or human that collects biscuit crumbs, marmite and Guiness froth. Much admired and modelled by the boystown mincers of San Francisco. The Builder from The Village People is a also a prime example. A slightly comedic but ultimately sad indictment of US contemporary culture/society.
-Jaysis- check out the Peef over there-yeh the one who is drinking Guiness by himself- wow! he's even wearing a yellow sweater and extra white trainers.

-yep-thats a Peef alright.
by Horse from IMBRFC May 10, 2006
To fart out of a males urethra . Much like a qweef for females....and gasy discharge from their vagina.
Mark it smells so bad, did you just peef?
by nicholianrynamite March 08, 2005
Peefing iz when two gay men line up on all fours facing away frm each other. one of the gays has to eat alot of cheese so his poop his very solid i cannot strez this enuf. then that gay guy that has solid poops poops into the other guys butthole. then that guy poops it back out into the first guys butthole. this is peefing.
Antwon and Jerome peefed last week at that party. It was great.
by Scr0w October 10, 2006
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