Adj- A male born douche-bag who does any kind douche bag action or movement or appears as such. The female version of a peef is peef-ette. Commonly seen as unshowered, gelled or slicked back hair and a wife beater or expensive clothes such as Ambercrome and Fitch or Oakleys. Peefs will always hit below the belt no matter what. An example of an action like that is the saying you scratch my back and I scratch yours. You scratch a peefs back and he'll just call you gay and mooch off you even more. Peefs can also be seen walking around with an over deserving sense of satisfaction and confidence even though theyve done nothing to earn it. Peefs are one to use knock off brand condoms instead of trojans and pass it off as the greatest shit since sliced bread. To put matters short a peef is a douchebag and your ball sweat is worth more than he is. Or a poser peef will be seen wearing a variety of clothing. Like on day its tapout then the next its element and then next day its quiksilver. See what i mean? Their everything posers. Peefs will always take a loan and never pay it back. Peefs only pay for two things, sex and drugs, not rock and roll because they cant afford it since they blew all their money on really expensive glasses. Peefs also have the gayest fashion in hair styles. For example some peefs think that curly hair is the fashion. The key example there is carrot top. Or gelled hair. Peefs also use verbal run on sentences or jokes that result in awkward silences. Peefs try to pickup girls that they cant have. Talking to a peef is worse than talking to a brick wall. You just cant make sense with it. The running urinals in a subway station hold a better conversation that a peef. A peefs hero is the biggest peef known to man which is KEVEN FEDERLINE. A peef is someone that will always bark but never bite. P peef is someone that stands up but never stands out. A peef is a person hold his liquor at a party and will always start a fight, he is the town drunk that just ruins everything.A peef will go to extreme lenths to be funny. A peef IS NOT A PUSSY FART. A peef is a supposed friend that kicks you when your down. Massive muscles that dont get put to use is a peef characteristic. A list of celebrity peefs are as follow. Ryan Sheckler, Mel Gibson, Donald Trump, Richard Simmons, and Billy Bob Thorton. A peef is someone that would be buried with his ass up telling the whole world to kiss it. Fin.
Guy1. Look at K-fed he looks like such a peef.
Guy2. Yea your right look at him with his Ralph Lauren flipflops

, Abercrombie nd Fitch shirt and his gelled hair with his oakley's in it.
Guy1. Yea and did you see how he cut that guy off pulling out? what a peef move.
by ImaPeef August 15, 2009
Top Definition
A peef is a penis fart, similar to a queef. A queef is to a female as a peef is to a male.

There have been very few recorded incidences of peefs. However, we do know that a peef is both pleasant and painful for the 'peefer'. No incidences of a 'wet peef' have ever been recorded.

On a related note, the peef has much militaristic potential. Theoretically, with the proper enhancements and adjustments, the peef could become powerful enough to replace nuclear warfare.
Example 1:

Vendor: I peefed at the dinner table.

Example 2:

Pierce: I tried to peef, but blood came out instead.
by Pierce November 25, 2004
The male version of a Queef. Physiologically, it is a burst of air which shoots forth from the penis with magnificent force and beauty.
Fapfapfapfap *paaah*
"Daddy, did you just peef in my face?"
"Shut up, junior. You're adopted."
by Dinkmers April 12, 2009
The act of farting through one's penis.
Sara squealed with delight at the sound of Keenan's peef.
by Festus March 20, 2007
1.The very specific feeling one experiences in the pit of their stomach; a mixture of overwhelming and intense joy and excitement similar to that felt when fangirling or seeing celebrity crushes but a more internal feeling-specifically the emotion not the act of fangirling. Lots of the emotion can be described as a 'peef attack'
2. A descriptive word to show admiration for someone implying that they are perfect not just in appearance but in personality particularly for the person describing them.
1.a. "I feel so peef, I can't breathe"
1.b. "Help he just posted a new picture I'm having a peef attack"

2. omfg Noel Fielding is so peef!!
by MeganIsMyDarling April 27, 2014
penis fart
dude your peef smells
by Kottonman April 19, 2003
the excretion of air from the penis.
I thought that I was gonna cum but it was a false alarm, it was only a peef.
by cbrizzle March 12, 2007
A mystery to man since the early 1800's, peefs have forever changed the world of gases. Peefing is a voluntary release of gas from the male's penis. The act of "peefing" has also been known to often "shoot out" in somewhat of a machine-gun like fashion. Some scientists have compared "peefing" to the more well-known, but less awesome women's "queef". Many men have also been capturing their own peefs in a "peef box" for generations. This box stores the peef gas for later use. These boxes, not so much anymore, back in the day were passed down from father to son. Peefs are also very convenient in a dutch oven-like situation.
Matt: Yo, what the fuck's that smell?
Mike: Oh, my bad dude, I just peefed.
John: Dude where's your peef box?
Mike: It's filled man, I peef like it's my job.
Matt & John: Nice.
by THErealGROUP October 12, 2010

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