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Any time you walk into a dirty, skummy bathroom, and your shoes stick to the floor and make that noise like wax being pulled off of skin. Usually they are the bathroom's that have condom machines hanging everywhere, and drunk guy's passed out next to the toilet.
"So, I'm with this girl, Ashley, right? and I'm like lets go "hang out" at your place... and she's like 'ok, but you need a rubber' so I'm like, this crappy ol bar should have one in their bathroom, I walk in, and I'm stuck to the floor...when I pry myself off the pee-floor, shes gone, so is my erection!"

I was stuck to the pee-floor for a half-hour in front of the urnal, so I decide, if I pee on my shoes maybe I could get out of it....WRONG, it jus encaked it more...HELP!!!

I wet my pants last night in the bar cause I got stuck to the pee-floor as soon as I walked in to the bathroom...I couldn't hold was...painful...

"I got to go to the bathroom...too many beers my friend!"
"You can't be serious? In this crappy bar? The pee-floor will get you for sure!"
by Ben Peterson November 05, 2007
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