1. some teacher (usually in gym class) that hits on girls in his class and is a tool to the guys; ped being short for pedaphile, as the teacher obviosuly cannot get wtih people his age so he prays on young girls in gym clothes. most schools have one

2. a guy that macs on girls wayyy younger than him before the age of 21
"yo that new gym teacher is such a ped, he gave like half the bids nicknames"

"did u see that ped checking out the girls in the other gym class"

"yo did u hear that senior matt went out with that frosh bid? yo wat a ped"

"yo that counselor whose a junior was maccing on those 4th grade bids before wat a ped"
by the big lemon July 05, 2009
Professional Excessive Dick Sucker
Those ass holes are a bunch of damn peds
by Fat Pants Magee November 28, 2007
Background: Lebanese Ghetto

Definition: Shoes or any kind of footwear
Yo man i just got these new basketball peds and they are of the heazy!

These puddles are ruining my peds.
by tribalray March 12, 2005
when your on your periods (aka rags)
"sarah im on my peds , you got anything?"
by jennifer2k5 October 01, 2005
Short for peder, poofter in croation
What a peds
by Risky July 19, 2003
a female with male genetalia - a hermaphrodite
you're peds, you've got a cock
by jim rosenthal December 22, 2004
by wikkid sick July 19, 2003

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