1) A speedbump in gta, pedestrian

2) Performance Enhancing Drug - used by Baseball players to break homerun records at the cost of penis size (their wives only want the money, anyway).
1) Damn peds, can't they see i'm driving on this sidewalk?

2) PEDs are the leading cause of smallcox.
by Mr. Clean May 31, 2004
the coolest method of transport
my ped is fat
by matty November 20, 2003
a townies means of transport
hairdryer on wheels
by Toby May 28, 2003
One bereft of Pimpmobile, and easily run over by such. 20 points!
See pedestrian.
Step outside and meet Jesus, ped.
by UnderToad March 20, 2003
Ped is always a very very very coool person. They like to eat junk food and are very lazy. Always bitchin' and gossiping.
Yeah just a general bitch
Person1:Don't you just HATE Sarah?
Person2: No i don't ya fuckin ped.
by PedJaaa! November 06, 2007
Penile Erectile Disorder.

A dysfunction that hinders the rise of the penis.

The secondary conflict in the novel, The Sun Also Rises.
Hemingway had to give his girl to a matador because he suffered from PED.
by Nco November 15, 2003
Pedestrians who are in your way
Fuckin slow ass peds in the crosswalk
by yan lh October 04, 2006
penis eats donkeys sydrome

a sort of virus u get from codjumping
Onlooker: Did your penis eat that donkey
Pedsdude: Yes.... Yes it did
Onlooker: Brillant thats a brig dick and i warp it in warping paper
by Moooselflies:D February 05, 2010

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