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otherwise known as the "pedrophile." A homo mexican whose hobbies include : whining, bitching, emo underage boys, and thriftyness.

This character has a pale complexion due to being online so many hours looking up boys.

1. What a PEDRO! (Noun) = what a whiny bitch
2. Hey, the PEDROPHILE down the street is on cops!
by confessabear July 13, 2008
Pedro is only used when it means your Bad at life...HEY YOUIR BAD AT LIFE THANKS
Pedro is better then you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by JIMMY JONESY!!! March 26, 2005
Added to the end of any sentence to make spanish.
Greg:Como estas mi amigo?
Anderson: I'm fine you nut job who belongs in a psychiatric home, pedro.

(This is an intelligent spanish conversation.)
by Jackass McJackasse December 31, 2004