Where is Pedro?
Peter Strand is off being furious
by Posse February 11, 2004
The next Roger clemens, red sox betrayer even tho roger was kewl
At least Roger Clemens didnt insult the Bosox like Pedro
by DarkFenX December 18, 2004
1. Mindless small talk that occurs when one person asks a series of questions to another person who's only desire is to leave the conversation.
1. n. I caught a serious pedro at work last night when I was trying to leave.
2. v. Jennifer really pedroed me about why I don't come over more often.
by john October 01, 2004
a mexican bus driver who goes oh yeah and is senile.
oh yeah pedro bus bounce mad high.
by noss February 13, 2004
a term used to difine a gentleman that looks like a woman from behind, but a yeti from the front.
dang, i've been Pedroed! the girls a dude
by poq October 22, 2004
A Mexican male, particularly one who is short, among whites, and in a subservient position; the mexican version of "nigger".

Never use around more than one Mexican at a time, unless you don't need your teeth for something.
Hey Pedro, I said fill it with PREMIUM!
by The Wandering Understander February 11, 2004
A very lonely man, has good friends, but sometimes thinks that his friends hate him.
Always try to help people when they are in love, also called "Black cupid".
person1: Poor pedro...
person2: Fayled to help gina now he is sad..
by psicardiac December 12, 2007

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