a little shy at first, but once you get to know him, hes awesume :D. can win a girl with his looks . a cuban guy, whos to shy to get a girlfriend. Usually blond and sum have glasses. He acts differently around his friends . Has lots of friends. Everybody knows him. he is ah-mazing<3.very LOUD & funny. HE LOVES music, & doesnt like sports that much.sometimes he can make mistakes. His smile is AH-MAZING<3 hes ATTRACTIVE to a lot of girls. and when he likes some girl, he doesnt tell her, because hes too shy. but that girl would love to know that he likes her :] he should tel her the truth. and he acts strange' around his crush. Doesnt care what people think about him, and isnt afraid to admit certain things.hes probably the most nicest, sweetest, funniest, cutiest guy you'll ever meet<3~
girl: OMG! do you know PEDRO ?? he likes me but wont admit it .

Boy: then how would you know ?

Girl: i can tell ; he acts strange' around me
by lovergurl<33 November 25, 2010
The unofficial nickname of USAF Pararescue.
In Afghanistan, the PJs often get called "Pedros".
by Sam Bradleys November 07, 2010
A person who is very attractive wanted by a lot of girls,would do a lot to have him,smart. He can get a lot of girls , most girls around him want some of him.
Pedro is sexy
by iknowyoubutudontknowme September 08, 2013
Slang for boner, hard on, erection, stiffy or puple headed yogurt slinger. Originated from the movie varsity blues, as said by Jon Mox.
Ex. 1 "Did you finish your classwork?"
"No i popped pedro in class and was more worried about that"

Ex. 2 "did you see that fine bitch?"
"yeah she gave me pedro!"
by SG SDEF September 12, 2010
a thick moustache making someone look like Pedro from napoleon dynamite
Have you seen Joel shaws tash. Yea boi manz got a pedro ting goin on init.
by mrcatboidawg July 08, 2011
V: The act of using your hand when giving pleasure to a male.

Hey Tiffany Ann, I was totally Pedro-ing Bobby Joe last night in the fields.
by Jullian October 16, 2007
Hispanic guy who can't get a girlfriend because he is too nice.
Person 1:Why doesn't he have a gf? He seems cool.
Person 2:Oh, he's a Pedro, its just the way it is.
by randomtrollolol July 15, 2010

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