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The name given to mexican stalkers that one might find lurking in the dark corners of Pendleton College, and perhaps Bolton University, unless it decides to stalk its classmates to Salford uni, in which case they shall be thinking 'FML'.

Socially awkward, usually asks 'are you ok?' repeatedly even though you just told it you was fine 30 seconds ago.
Other quotes 'who do we have today'
'what time do we finish today'

It also wears the same clothes every single day.

Usually having a conversation with it makes one think you're high because one is like 'what tha fuck'

Doesn't know how an ipod works.

If one finds Pedro Mexico has a romantic partner, chances are the poor thing is about to be pushed under a bus of kept hostage (see: Please Dont Leave Me - Pink).

Resembles Sevurus Snape.

Is that Snape from Harry Potter?' 'No, its just Pedro Mexico
by pepsi nivea ipod dock March 09, 2011
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