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A Persian name, usually belonging to a badass motherfucker. Pedram's are the best type of guys who fuck shit up and get bitches.
Pedram is an awesome guy.
by TheChampV2 January 27, 2013
A unique name for a unique guy. Pedram's are kind and witty, and have a way of making you fall for them without even trying.
Pedram is such a cool guy no wonder so many girls like him.
by TrekitFlexit May 19, 2013
A pure persian name which means "Happy", "Cool", Male version of "Vivacious"
- Is that cool man's name Reza?
- He's hansom, He seems to be a Pedram more...
by Pedramonline November 04, 2013
Pedram is a Persian word, meaning either "successful" in Farsi or "Good news." Pedram is a motivated person who studies hard but also has loyalty and supports those around him. Pedram is commonly used in central and east Iran but also has popularity as far west as Ekbatana (Hamedan) and beyond Iranian political borders into the Iranian diaspora in greater middleast and in Europe or US.
Pedram often shows up on time.
by PersianLiterature November 03, 2014
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