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A late 70s early 90s large van made by Dodge, GMC, Chevy, or Ford. They have large sliding doors and occasionally have beds built into them. Pedo vans are known to be a common sight in public parks and elementary school parking lots. Pedo vans do NOT include minivans
some popular pedo vans are
Ford Econoline
Dodge Ram Van
Chevy G- Series
GMC Vandura
Mikey avoid the pedo van there may be a pedo in there.
by Bootyinvader August 18, 2009
An old crappy van with no back windows usually driven by pedophiles and used for hiding little kids.
That pedovan always drives past the playground really slow.
by Xidarian March 07, 2007
1. Van used by pedophiles to kidnap small children

2. A common tool in a pedophiles arsenal

3.A white van with tinted windows
1. Man: OH NO!!!!!!!!! Johnny got nabbed by the PedoVan!

2. Pedophile 1: I brought rope and duct tape,

Pedophile 2: Don't forget the PedoVan.

3. Guy 1: I love this new van I got!

Guy 2: Looks like a PedoVan.
by Dragonair96 June 07, 2010
The act of a pregnant woman having relations with a man whilst pregnant, with the man's penis breaking through the uterus and thereby penetrating the baby. The woman is literally having a child raped inside her, similar to the van pedophiles drive to attract their prey.
Bob:Dude, my mom was cheating with this black guy when she was pregnant, and he accidently gave it to her too hard and fucked the baby!

Larry: Nice dude, he totally gave her a pedo van!
by pedobeargrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr April 06, 2011
A person who lives in a caravan often with a creepy name or personality.
Omg, Collins returned in his pedo-van!
by CollinsBike August 30, 2016
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