A song from Fergie directed at her haters - she sees you on the internet you know, and your pedestal is falling down!
Your pedestal is fallin' down, fallin' down, fallin' down,
Your pedestal is fallin' down, down, down, down, down

You think I don't see you on the internet, I've read it, don't think I won't forget

You hide behind computer screens, so that you don't have to be seen, how could a person be so mean?
by Mr Merge October 17, 2006
Top Definition
Pedestal is a quarterly BDSM femdom (female domination) club in London, UK. It is a moveable club and has been staged at several different sites. People travel from all over the UK to visit this club.

It has become so closely entwined with UK BDSM female domination, that is almost a by-word for femdom.
George sat there, half naked and with a ballgag in his mouth looking like some pedestal slave
by slave2countess June 25, 2010
the pedestal is the sex move that when with a girl and youre ready to have sex and you want to try something new. hang her in the air from her ankles upside down while youre on a chair and fuck her while she gives you head
"I fuckin pedestal'D my bitch last night then i threw her down the stairs."
by Carmine and Rick June 05, 2007
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