An assumed motive for why teenagers dress like skanks.
To earn yourself some Peddy Cash.

Peddy Cash is a combination of the terms;
Pedophile and Petty Cash
1. "That skank we just drove past looks like she's in for some Peddy Cash".

2."Tegan! Get yo' ass out there, and earn some Peddy Cash!"
*Aaron comically suggests a way for Tegan to pay for the Take-Away.*

3.Samantha tends to dress in a way that 12yo's shouldn't dress, thus it can be assumed that she MUST be saving for the latest Pokemon game.

by Aaron Halpin November 01, 2007
Top Definition
An influential and judgmental moped gang from Chicago, IL
Rando 1: "Peddy Cash never comes to my stupid Thursday night rides."

Grom 1: "I love riding mopeds but Peddy Cash hates me."

Hater Dude: "What, do you have to be Peddy Cash to get into this place?"

Grom 2: "I threw a kit on it but Peddy Cash didnt care."
by stewartc March 15, 2011
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