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-Combination of the words "pedaphile" and "terrific". Used when describing an underage individual that you are painstakingly waiting to reach voting age.

-Compliment given to an underage individual by a creepster
-Remember Brittney Spears in the video for "Oops, I did it again"? She was pedaphalific.

-"Did you catch the women gymnasts' floor exercise? Russia's team was pretty pedaphalific.

-The pedaphalific prowess of the middle school was very off putting.

(works for ladies too)

-"Mom, have you seen our varsity quarterback?"

"The chisled chin, washboard abs, and broad chest? He's pedaphalific sweetheart"


-Chris Brown was one pedaphalific boy. Now he's a sexy man!
by Sancho Plicket February 04, 2010
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