you, not me
bow down to me peasant!
by alwaysinmotion September 23, 2012
A person who does not study IB (international Baccalaureate), particularly someone who studies SACE.
Harry and luke (SACE students): hey wanna catch up on the weekend

Paul: HMPH! Dont talk to me SACE peasant
by physcopthatic jek July 03, 2011
A person often regarded as a low life, ranking under that of humanity. He/She is a tool used by others of higher status.
I was outside on a lovely day and noticed my "Peasant" 'Josh Walker' farming my crops, at that point i knew i was BOSS!.
by Dr. Kwan May 31, 2011
A Turkish worker usually from a village. In Turkey, the lowest social ranking a person can be.
When she cleans why does she always move my stuff around. Stupid peasant!
by amob05 August 17, 2003
Uncouth and generally shit-headed assholes from Northmoor.
They tend to be massively inbred.
All the citizens from Northmoor are thieving little shits, as the children start stealing things from a very early age. (e.g. 3 years old)
Stupid fucking Northmoor peasants.
by Stu December 02, 2004
An owner of two or less computers, all of which are Windows 98 or below. Peasants are often DOS users, among which Windows 3.x computers are common. Although DOS users do everything the hard way, and I respect that and do the same usually, they are not considered equal because Microsoft doesn't make many upgrades for their computers any more.
Microsoft executed another peasant today, they killed its computer by overloading its RAM, all 1.5 megabytes.
by Kierin February 01, 2006
People with origins based in Essex, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Barnsley, all of the USA- bar San fran, LA and New York (anyone with a passport). Stupid people incapable of rational thought processes, love Bush, The mail and fanny packs
Bush is such a peasant it frightens me
by Karlos July 22, 2004

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