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A belief system.

One who accepts Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic, (P.E.A.R.L). By default, the individual is not religious and has no faith. However, they have set up a belief system exclusively based on the principal of P.E.A.R.L: The belief follows the evidence, not the other way around.

Most Pearlians are generalized of having the following principals derived from P.E.A.R.L:

1. Evolution is not theory by colloquial means of the word theory. Evolution is both a theory and a fact, but a theory in the highest order of scientific proof.

2. God is not a personal god. God however, is any one thing and/or more than one thing that created the known universe. Be it a foreign civilization, or the big bang. By this definition, god may not exist at all.

3. If evidence exists the Pearlians will follow no matter where the evidence leads.
person 1: Your an Atheist, so you have no beliefs? Like you don't believe anything?

person 2: No, I'm a Pearlian. I don't believe in a deity, I'm an Atheist, but I do have beliefs.

person 1: Do you believe in unicorns?

person 2: I'm a Pearlian. Therefore unless there's evidence, no.
by Ondomeder October 21, 2009
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