Means a sneak or suprise(by liberals) attack
I said I would go out with her but I got Pearl Harbored by all off her lesbian friends when I got there
by daveybaby March 16, 2006
When your Japanese wife or girlfriend wakes you up in the morning to have sex, but neglects to tell you she is having her menses (& it's extremely thick). She pounces on you like dive bomber over battleship row. When she's done she casually gets up without saying a word. Then much to your surprise you discover ur lap is a bloody mess. Surprise + bloody mess = Pearl Harbored.
I can't stand the sight of Manhattan clam chowder anymore, after my wife Mika (or insert japanese female name Keiko, Yuki etc) woke me up for some sleepy sex and "Pearl Harbored" me.
by asiangirllover November 18, 2010

Kind of like being punk'd, only by a bunch of humorless rich white old guys with some kind of sinister geopolitical master plan.

Term reffers to the Machiavellian bait-and-switch game played by the Bush neocons whereby the 9/11 attacks were linked to Iraq.

The term 'Pearl Harbored' itself alludes to a comment made by the neocon think-tank PNAC in their manifesto 'Rebuilding America's Defenses', which suggests that nothing less than "A new Pearl Harbor" would be nessecary to garner support for any further actions in Iraq.

This was written well before the tragic events of 9/11.

Author's note: I'm not accusing the Bush administration of actually carrying out 9/11 to establish a pretext for war that the public would support. I merely think this is a very chilling coincidence.
"The PNAC website should be required reading for all Americans who supported the war, so they can learn how they got totally Pearl Harbored"

"Duuude, you still think things are going great in Iraq?
You got totally Pearl Harbored by those PNAC fuckers"
by Dovetchka December 23, 2005
To have been the victim of a sneak attack.
Jimmy so Pearl Harbored Paul when he hit him upside the head from behind.
by pezmeister March 18, 2006
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