When someone leaves a poop in the toilet and someone else urinates on the poop causing it to cloud up the water and explode the turd.
Wow, I can't believe Pat pearl harbored Erics dump that he left from last night!
by BigZman October 09, 2010
When you climb to the top of the stall and try to poop into the tiolet.
"Dude, let's pearl harbor this bathroom, man."
by Balla Status November 05, 2009
A sneak attack, similar to a "cock block", but instead of preventing someone from getting lucky, the perpetrator of the "pearl Harbor" maneuver is trying to steal the person away.
Male #1 is trying to make a move on Female #1, but due to much fluid consumption, must depart and use the restroom. In Male #1's absence, Male #2 moves in and makes his move, thus committing the terrible crime known as "The Pearl Harbor"
by $witchm@$ter March 31, 2008
an alcoholic beverage containing a mix of Midori melon liquer and pineapple juice.
I work at Chili's and some random old lady asked me for a pearl harbor!
by Lauren Belmonte January 18, 2008
To be screwed by one's Asian peers.
Janey: Tao and Mao crashed my car after I let them borrow it.
Raney: Yah, they pulled a pearl harbor!
by alecb May 03, 2006
When a female is giving a male head she quietly and unexpectedly licks her index finger and shoves it up the males rectum. ITs a horrible, unfortunate event that the male could have seen coming, had he took the whole picture into perspective.
Kevin screamed in anquish after Misty gave him a pearl harbor.
by joshgreenrules January 10, 2006
I haven't seen the sexual term used correctly yet. It's when a girl is blowing her bf and when he busts in her mouth she stands up and spits it back in his face.
That bitch did a pearl harbor so next time I busted in her eye.
by tmr263 November 23, 2005

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