An alcoholic beverage consisting of Kahlua and Sake. A shot glass filled with Sake is dropped into a small cup of Kahlua, in which the drinker yells "kamikazee!!" before he or she consumes the beverage.
Kent downed two Pearl Harbors before his face turned beet red.
by Tyrone Jiggadubz October 10, 2007
1. one of the worst disasters in US history.
2. one of the worst movies in history period.
Pearl harbor sucked.
by Adrian July 06, 2006
To be screwed by one's Asian peers.
Janey: Tao and Mao crashed my car after I let them borrow it.
Raney: Yah, they pulled a pearl harbor!
by alecb May 03, 2006
a mixed-drink consising of a jaegerbomb plus hawaiian punch: 1 part jaegermeister, 1 part red bull, 1 part hawaiian punch.

dude, i hate jaegerbombs. hook me up with a pearl harbor, instead.
by swankbomb May 01, 2006
When a female is giving a male head she quietly and unexpectedly licks her index finger and shoves it up the males rectum. ITs a horrible, unfortunate event that the male could have seen coming, had he took the whole picture into perspective.
Kevin screamed in anquish after Misty gave him a pearl harbor.
by joshgreenrules January 10, 2006
I haven't seen the sexual term used correctly yet. It's when a girl is blowing her bf and when he busts in her mouth she stands up and spits it back in his face.
That bitch did a pearl harbor so next time I busted in her eye.
by tmr263 November 23, 2005
When a man ejaculates on a woman's face while she is either passed out or sleeping, then waking her up and running away. Thus completing the surprise attack.
Dood, I just gave that girl a pearl harbor!!!
by Dannibal the Cannibal February 23, 2004
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