The act of laying down and someone blowing the hell out of you.
After a long day of work, Joe asked his wife Margaret to play a game of Pearl Harbor.
by 31Mess July 31, 2009
When you are in bed with someone and they are asleep, jack off and cum on their face. It is a total sneak attack.
Dude I did the pearl Harbor last night!
by surfpez July 07, 2009
A sneak attack, similar to a "cock block", but instead of preventing someone from getting lucky, the perpetrator of the "pearl Harbor" maneuver is trying to steal the person away.
Male #1 is trying to make a move on Female #1, but due to much fluid consumption, must depart and use the restroom. In Male #1's absence, Male #2 moves in and makes his move, thus committing the terrible crime known as "The Pearl Harbor"
by $witchm@$ter March 31, 2008
when 2 people are having sex in the bath, and 1 hires a japanese woman to come in and take a shit on the other, and run out.
whilst mary was having sex with angel in her 3x3 shower, hiroki comes in and performs a pearl harbor, unbeknownst to mary.
by billseph mcdougal March 23, 2008
after giving it to the woman from behind you do a good shit in her mouth, leaving her with brown excraments pouring from her mandible.
damn, last night i gave becky the biggest pearl harbor ever.
by chinoface812 February 20, 2008
an alcoholic beverage containing a mix of Midori melon liquer and pineapple juice.
I work at Chili's and some random old lady asked me for a pearl harbor!
by Lauren Belmonte January 18, 2008
Another word for a money shot that is delivered to the unsuspecting female's face.
Candi was almost done with her work when I pulled a Pearl Harbor.
by omgbelevemepleasezomg!!!1! October 25, 2007
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