When you're having intercourse in the vaginal region with a female and you "pull out" and quickly shove it in her anal cavity and continue with rough butt sex.
Good 'ol was fuckin' dem bitches down by da water and gave his bitch a Pearl Harbor
by Brad November 21, 2004
While having sex with your partner, withdraw seconds before ejaculating. Run to the nearest person(roomate, sibling, parent, child), and unload on said person, resulting in an unexpected bombing.
Jarrod was so bored while trying to please his woman that he decided to perform a Pearl Harbor on her 4 year old daughter.
by Moranzo Llamas August 29, 2003
The state of a lady's gusset area after a gangbang!
Oh I'm sure you can find pictures with a quick web search.
by eddie23 August 06, 2003
The pool like area of a woman strategically nestled between the collar bones and under the adams apple where you deploy your "seamen" after a glorioustitty fuck and it accumulates in the area resembling a pearl like harbor.
I titty fucked Suzy last night and filled her Pearl harbor until it overflowed. It was a glorious moment!
by Headmonger December 07, 2011
The act of shitting a floater, then sinking that floating shit with smaller, heavier shits
Nick: What kind of shit did you just have?

Rob: Pearl Harbor!

Nick: I wish I could have see that.
by robiohead February 28, 2011
In reference to a toilet. Due to the fact that most toilets are white like pearls. Also hinting toward the fact that harbors are surrounded by water meanwhile toilets are filled with water.
Example 1. "Dude, I just docked an aircraft carrier in Pearl Harbor."

Example 2. "OMG! I need to get to the bathroom soon, the Japanese are about to bomb Pearl Harbor!"
by Lucarion February 26, 2011
When someone leaves a poop in the toilet and someone else urinates on the poop causing it to cloud up the water and explode the turd.
Wow, I can't believe Pat pearl harbored Erics dump that he left from last night!
by BigZman October 09, 2010

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