Cold, chilly, "there's a nasty nip in the air"
I went for a walk this morning, it was a bit Pearl Harbor
by pushtheenvelope1989 October 25, 2010
When someone leaves a poop in the toilet and someone else urinates on the poop causing it to cloud up the water and explode the turd.
Wow, I can't believe Pat pearl harbored Erics dump that he left from last night!
by BigZman October 09, 2010
An enhancement of the Pearl Necklace. In this one where the girl must be Japanese or Hawaiian descent. The guy must yell "Banzai!" when pulling out of a girl when she's on her back and cum all over her torso in mutliple locations. Then while saluting say "Sayonara!", then get the hell out of there.
I was tagging this hot Japanese bitch and I pulled out while yelling "Bonzai!" and covered her chest with my load. Then I Said sayonara while saluting her, slapped on my clothes, and got the hell out of there. So I snuck in pearl harbor on her.
by El pato dingle June 23, 2010
When you take your girl out to a fancy Japanese restaurant to eat, and after you pay, ask for extra wasabi to take home. You then proceed to arrive home and begin making love.

Before going doggy-style with her, you put on a vintage Japanese flag headband, as you begin to rub the wasabi onto your pecker. As you put it in her pooper, you shout out "BONZAI!" as she replies by screaming out "KAMIKAZI!" from the surprise attack you have dropped on her butthole.

Its called a Pearl Harbor because it is a Japanese surprise attack on a place you'd never expect.
Avon: So are we going back to your place? I'm so full from the sushi.
Nicollette: You're not gonna give me another Pearl Harbor are you? :(
Avon: Well .. maybe if you play your cards right.
by t-steezy. May 14, 2009
A woman's vagina (usually) after losing her virginity, because it's full of bloody semen...
It hurt soooooo bad when John and I finally made love last night... I ran to piss afterwards and the toilet looked like Pearl Harbor!
by The fool 383 April 08, 2008
A sneak attack, similar to a "cock block", but instead of preventing someone from getting lucky, the perpetrator of the "pearl Harbor" maneuver is trying to steal the person away.
Male #1 is trying to make a move on Female #1, but due to much fluid consumption, must depart and use the restroom. In Male #1's absence, Male #2 moves in and makes his move, thus committing the terrible crime known as "The Pearl Harbor"
by $witchm@$ter March 31, 2008
after giving it to the woman from behind you do a good shit in her mouth, leaving her with brown excraments pouring from her mandible.
damn, last night i gave becky the biggest pearl harbor ever.
by chinoface812 February 20, 2008

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