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1; Where America lost her "Virginity"
2; Also could mean, Death while you sleep.
3; The lose of 2,403 American Warriors Lives, while Honoring their "Country & Flag"
4; Where 2 Honorable men where made "Scapegoats" for others blame.
5; Alawys learn from others mistakes.
Garden of Edan & Hororable Memories
by Bernie Russo December 07, 2003
The state of a lady's gusset area after a gangbang!
Oh I'm sure you can find pictures with a quick web search.
by eddie23 August 06, 2003
To drop a used Japanese-brand condom (e.g. Kimono) on an unsuspecting sex partner's head after intercourse. Bonus points if: 1) It happens in Hawaii, 2) The condom-dropper is Japanese AND the victim is white OR in the US Navy.
After Kelly and I had sex, I waited until she was asleep and gave her the Pearl Harbor.
by lonelydonkeykong March 26, 2012
A Hawaiian-style pizza with Jalapenos.
Customer: I'll have a large Pearl Harbor.
Employee: A what?
Customer: A large pizza with ham, pineapple, and jalapenos.
by Lurr Rrul January 19, 2012
The pool like area of a woman strategically nestled between the collar bones and under the adams apple where you deploy your "seamen" after a glorioustitty fuck and it accumulates in the area resembling a pearl like harbor.
I titty fucked Suzy last night and filled her Pearl harbor until it overflowed. It was a glorious moment!
by Headmonger December 07, 2011
The sexual act whereby you fuck her in the ass when she's asleep.
I Pearl Harbored my girlfriend last night.
by OhNoNotMyRealName June 16, 2011
The act of shitting a floater, then sinking that floating shit with smaller, heavier shits
Nick: What kind of shit did you just have?

Rob: Pearl Harbor!

Nick: I wish I could have see that.
by robiohead February 28, 2011