After ejaculating at the bottom of a pool, you go up for air then return to explore for your floating treasure and scoop it up to enjoy later.
Pearl Diving is also used to conceal your dirty deed.
#jizz #pool #pearl #diving #ejaculate #cum
by Max Urban December 09, 2006
Masturbation in a lake, ocean, or swimming pool and afterwards collecting the pearls of jism, as if diving for treasure or pearls. This method of sexual self-gratification increases lung capacity and you are immersed in lubricant.
Zach, when pearl diving in the school swimming pool, forgot to collect the pearls of jism so he got our gym teacher pregnant.
#jacking-off #flogging the dolphin #spanking the monkey #choking the chicken #boxing with goofy
by Benzo Lorenzo November 18, 2005
I don't know about these other definitions but when I first heard it in the late eighties it referred to the practice of sucking out the semen you had just left in your partners butt.
"Can you get AIDS from pearl diving?"
"Not exactly."
#pearl diver #pearling #pearl diving #dangers of #semen
by fat charlie April 18, 2008
after a guy cums in a girl, he, or an outside party, proceeds to go down on her and retrieve the pearls to display on her beach community.
I heard you went pearl diving with Jon and his girlfriend last night.
#pearls #swiming #beach #threesome #outsiders #business time
by desro February 26, 2008
The act of performing oral sex on someone with a large bean

Used casually disguised in discussion to avoid female attention
Warren: "Ben was pearl diving last night"
Kate: "what?"
by Moop December 04, 2004
Eating an Asian girl out. Stems from the fact that most oyster pearls come from Asian countries which employs a lot of citizens to go underwater and collect pearls. A slang term, but not a mean one
I went pearl diving last night on this fine ass Asian girl named Kiki.
by Dan July 25, 2004
When a guy gets his penis sucked or has sex until he's about to ejaculate: the guy comes in her mouth, but then kisses her to go "pearl diving", so both kiddies get the pleasure of pearl!
Pearl-diving tastes just like the salty ocean!
by J. Izzle December 05, 2004
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