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After a long drawn out blow job, the man scoops some peanut butter into his hand and smacks the woman across her face and says, "how you like that bitch."
man: i'm gonna cum

woman: really?


by olipoo July 30, 2008
Whilst copulating, the act of scooping peanut butter into ones hand and smacking his/her partner across the face while proclaiming "How you like me now bizznitch!"
I've gave Matt the Peanut Butter Smack 5 times now since he moved in!
by Razor Train May 26, 2009
when you're having sex with a girl doggy style,and right as you are about to climax you stick your hand in a jar of peanut butter and smack her in the face
bob and sally were going at it,until bob gave sally a peanut butter smack
by kingoftrim November 08, 2009