A different way of pronouncing the word 'peanutbutter', which, when said very quickly and pronouncing the 's' very soft, sounds almost exactly the same as peanutbutter.

Usually used for jokes, but also by people who are having trouble pronouncing 'peanutbutter'
Guy 1: Hey John, do you like peanusbutter?
John: Yea I do
Guy 1: Hahahahah
by B-train39 May 16, 2011
Top Definition
Spelled similar to "peanut butter", peanus butter is when you take peanut butter and spread it on some bread with your penis. Peanus Butter can be used as a noun (peanus butter) and a verb (peanus buttering). A peanus butter sandwich is when you keep your penis on top of the bread after spreading peanut butter and then put another piece of bread on top to create a sandwich with your penis in the center. This form of "art" is erotic and can be a variation of eating a dick.
That peanus butter sandwich is so tasty. The hairy skin tastes so good.
by ༼ つ ͡◕ Ѿ ͡◕ ༽つ February 06, 2015
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