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to reach a maximum high on weed before calling it a night.
Slim always wants us to peak out in the lounge before he goes to bed.
by Legelino January 29, 2006
What might happen to your penis if you go "commando" (no underwear) and don't remember to zip your pants up. It often also happens to a woman's breast, especially at the most inappropriate moment. Normally spelled "peek”.
Her left breast did a peak out when she'd leaned towards me from the other side of the table. A very very nice view.
by Panchoman Jr. November 17, 2006
verb/: to summit a mountain

verb used by huge tools in colorado, mostly by rich credit card hippies in boulder
even though i'm wearing a bunch of north face gear, have a beard, listen to widespread, and drive a range rover, i couldn't peak out.
by ballzdeep April 11, 2005
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