Peaches are ass cheeks. Cream is cum.
When a guy has anal sex with a girl and cums in her. Her cheeks are the peaches and his cum is the cream -- peaches'n'cream -- oh yah!
by Turbo Guy 46 July 27, 2008
Top Definition
When a guy is about to cum, he flips his girl on her stomach and cums all over her peach like bum.
Let's do the peaches 'n cream babaayyy.
by canadianhomegirlandeugenerico September 13, 2012
Peaches refer to ass cheeks and cream refers to ass juice.
After that girl went for a jog she came in to the house and just let a juicy one rip -- that's peaches'n'cream.
by Turbo Guy 44 July 27, 2008
Spreading whipped cream over peaches and licking it off... I think we all know what kind of peaches I'm talking about. *wink*
chick: hey honey lets play peaches n cream!
guy: alright, you take off your shirt, and ill get the whipped cream.
chick: yay!
by Meowies June 23, 2005
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