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As seen in the movie and play Oliver twist, a young caddy boy exclaims "Oliver better not peach on us!" thus implying to peach is to tell on or tattle
Helena: I just got grounded!
Damara: oh why?
Helena: Because my little sister peached on me!
Damara: Augh! what a peacher!
by Dee.cherri November 21, 2011
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A person who's life is peachy. Peachy meaning fine, good, interesting.
Dave, your a peacher because you have a fine girlfriend.
by Sarah Jack June 29, 2006
1. owner of largest dick in world 2. blackest man on earth and has killed rhinos with his bare hands.
don't spill juice on the DC floor or preacher will kill you with his monster cock.
by smacky mcgee March 08, 2003

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