1) Past tense of peace.
2) Used as an away message in some circumstances.
3) I am not here.
"Let's look at Jeet's away message."
"His away message is Peace'd."
"I guess he's not on his somputer right now then."
by B.F. December 08, 2006
To be defeated by someone while playing a game (most likely Soul Calibur).
(Maxi ring outs Astaroth)

Winner to loser: "You just got PEACED!!!!"
by JBoyer April 02, 2006
Peaced is a state-of-being. It is a feeling that you get after a really good high. It is most commonly paired with the description of "It's like I'm high, but I'm as sharp as a pin.".

Currently, as I type this, I am almost peaced myself. I'm just getting through the stages of being high as fuck, and am passing into the stages of mellow, and dull, soon after that I will be peaced.
Stoner 1 - "Duuuuuude... ... ...are you peeeaced, maan?
Stoner 2 - "He, ha, ha... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... yeah-man ... I'm peaced."
Stoner 1 - "Sweeeet, maa- ... ... *snore* *SNORE* *snore*

by Click Weiler October 04, 2008
To drink excessively and get black-out drunk.
Karen played liquor pong last night and got totally peaced
by mr.peaced September 25, 2011
1) one who is in a state of peace.

2) Dead, departed, 6ft under

3) asleep, cognative relaxation or rest, tiredness

4) the act of having left/dipset/outy/bounced/koppin
1) "Look at the beast of a hobo peaced on the sidewalk."

2) "Yo cat, lemme use your cell, my battery jus peaced."

3) After jesting all day, Gary was peaced.

4) Bill peaced when the cops showed up.
by JoJoBean November 30, 2006
to get fucked up or to get booked by parent or cop
1) yo you got peaced in gym
2)yeah i got peaced by my parents
by patty melt February 16, 2004
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