A dream of the idiotic and hopeless
"Peace sux"-me
by Q February 16, 2004
The new name given to Necron 99, Blackwolf's former robot assassin.
"No pain. Peace wants love. Will help."
by Killing Kittens June 11, 2004
What Irish Republicans in Northern Ireland say they want. Really meaning "give in to us and we will stop shooting your people and bombing your country" Like giving Bin Laden his own state if he promises not to strike again in the U.S.A.
A vote for sin fein is a vote for peace
by Adrian February 06, 2004
1.Commonly mis-described as the absence of war by people who delude themselves to be working toward it.
Their ideological forbears momentarily turned to group rug-shags to achieve it, but failed miserably after AIDS began to spread shortly thereafter. So then they blamed the CIA and Reagan for both AIDS and war.
Presently, many such people blame some combination of George W. Bush, Americans, White people in general, Jews and Christians for its "absence" in the world.
It's something that quite frankly, never existed, and probably never will with humans in charge.

2. Something heavily promoted by French and German oil companies.
The deluded peace protestor travelled to Iraq to be a human shield. Patiently, she sat in the hot Baghdad sun, two meters away from Saddam's rape rooms, where undoubtedly peace was being promoted. Peace that involved another kind of bush altogether.
by Sense December 02, 2004
Please, usually a club
All my white people make some noise up in this peace!
by DAN November 20, 2003
never will happen because there is always going to be an argument over land or polotics. democrats are living in a dream world thinking their will be peace in the world if we get rid of our arms.
democrats are gay daydreamers
by source March 02, 2004
Something that can be achieved through genocide.
The Human Race is doing a good job destroying itself, so all we gotta do and sit back until there is peace.
by Ghost Freeman November 15, 2003

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