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A peapod is an uncircumcised penis. It can also be refered to someone who has an uncircumcised penis. It is generally canadian.
"Oh my god! You have a Peapod!!!"
"God damn it you peapod."
"You pod."
by PodCluster July 10, 2008
a pea (a vegatable) and a pod (in which peas are located)
a metaphor used to describe an unbreakable, forever friendship.

also a food.
Kiana and Marissa are Pea Pods forever!
by pea poddy November 27, 2005
When a man puts his testicles inside a woman's vagina.
A-"Hey, I heard a rumor that you like to peapod your girlfriend?"
B-"Totally, it feels amazing, plus you can still work the shaft."
A-"Really? Does it all fit?"
B-"It'll fit alright, trust me."
by DJTepid April 22, 2010
A very thin coffee addict with big hair, typically local rockstars.
Person A: I was just at the Beachland, and I gotta say, that David guy is a total PEAPOD!

Person B: I KNOW, RIGHT?!
by KWARD September 27, 2007
Used to define a very thin male with big hair, typically local rockstars.
That dude is a peapod!
by kward September 20, 2007
when a girlfriend loves a boyfriend more then he could ever love her. he seems to think that he loves her more, but the fact of the matter is, he really doesnt. its actually factual.
"Lauren I love you so much more then you could ever love me"
"Dream on Josh, peapod!!"
by lauuuuuuurenn November 16, 2006
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