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An attractive 22 year old girl who is in peak physical condition and is totally down.
Kenton BBMs Mike D.

Kenton: What up?
Mike D: Bird-doggin' pea shooters, mayne.
Kenton: So smoke, so bones
Mike D: So bones
by fur burglar April 04, 2010
a small caliber gun. i.e. a .22
"we went over to my pad and tried to shoot some birds with the pea shooter."
by N8 Tha Bo$$ October 27, 2007
Used disparagingly to describe a weak gun. Typically a handgun or even BB gun.
Tim: You think you can do any damage with that pea shooter you got there?

Bill: Shut up Tim, it's shot placement that counts.

Antonyms: hand-cannon
by Perspicacity_89 September 24, 2008
A straw or tube that you blow spitwads through, like a blow gun.
He shot the teacher in the ass with a peashooter.
by Ridley18 May 21, 2010
a bowl for a smoking device such as bong or pipe. small in size it produces only one "hit" or drag per bowl. named after the amount of marijauna to pack it resembles a pea.
"yamstyle lets smoke a fatty"-paul
"naw man lets just do peashooters and make it last"-yamestyle
by smalliebigs September 17, 2009
(adj) The length of exhaust pipe that runs from the cylinder head to almost the rear of a chavs car. The rest of the exhaust system is completed at the very rear by one, or sometimes two (even though it's only got an inline 4, poxy 1.3 litre 4 banger) horse knob tailpipe(s).
Paul :- Did you see that Ford KA yesterday with that outragrous horse knob?
Dave :- Yeah, worra wanker. They should stick to the stock peashooter system.
by swineyvee October 10, 2006
The type of small exhaust pipe most notably seen on earlier Volkswagen Beetles.
Man 1: "Is that a pea shooter?!"
Man 2: "Yeah, got a problem with that?"
Man 1: "I love peashooters..."
Man 2: "...Oh."
by VDuber October 03, 2009