A silly word for a penis. Much funner to say than just penis. The word penaynay is based off of vajayjay which is a funny word for vagina, pussy, vadge.
My penaynay itched in science class today, so I tried to reach over to get my pencil to scratch it. I ended up knocking the vial of sulfuric acid on my desk all over Samantha's vajayjay
by daugggggh August 10, 2012
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slang for penis. derived from vajayjay
oooh girrl his pants are so tight i can see his penaynay!
by sunshine2010 February 03, 2010

1. Slang for Penis in the same way Va-Jay-Jay is slang for Virgina.

2. Another word for Penis, a way to say Penis without most people knowing what you're talking about.
Girl 1 - Damn! That guy's pants are so tight I can see his huge Pa-Nay-Nay!

Girl 2 - I know! I would love to suck on that Pe-Nay-Nay!
by Len Dog April 11, 2010
Our word for the long fleshy thing between a males thighs.
Look at the penaynay !
by Lucayyy June 06, 2007

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