Payton is a very interesting person. She has cool ideas, is a fast runner, and loves talking with you. It's impossible to not like her, because of her cheerfulness and the way she is. She can brag sometimes, but in a joking manner that just makes you laugh. She likes singing with you and making up dances to songs, and loves making music videos with her friends. Payton is pretty, bright, and wonderful!
"Hey Payton!"
"So watcha been up to this weekend?"
"I made a mural of melted crayons and made a music video of Wide Awake, check it out!"
by $p@rk October 07, 2012
An amazing, beautiful, kind, pretty, stunning, shy girl. She's hard to get to know but once you do she is easy to love. No one compares to her.
Omg look at that amazing beautiful girl Payton!
by Paigenstien November 04, 2013
amazing gorgeous guy who has a lot to offer and a lot going for him and has many goals in life. usually a very tall guy, has ambitions to work in the medical field. is very well endowed and a great kisser and knows how to pleasure a woman orally. overall a great guy.
wow that amazing guy is such a payton

guy doctor penis hot booty
by princekatiepaul August 06, 2011
The best friend a person could ever have, Payton is always there for you, always caring, understanding and loving! Payton is usually beautiful and a extremely talented dancer who's really flexible. Payton is very lovable and makes friends with everyone. Payton is also a total boy magnet! And really sexy.
Oh wow she's such a Payton everyone likes her!
by Paytonthebestfriendthelover January 25, 2014
A noble friend that never lets you down, listens to you, and is kind to you. He is also funny.
I knew Payton would come through!
by Ranger2012 March 03, 2015
A girl with a big heart, and is the nicest girl you will ever meet. She knows how to pleasure a guy, and is a great kisser. She is a hot person, no girls have any problems with her, and all the guys want her.
Payton is so hot!
She is so nice to.
Every guy loves her, but I need her.
by jasss February 14, 2015
One of the nicest souls you will ever meet, also cute smart and funny a little hard to get to kno at first but once your in your good.
Did you see the face Payton made? Man she's funny!
by yasssss girl April 09, 2015

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