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When one acquires money for something that has to do with one's penis.
Wheres my paynis, bitch!
by The paynis blaster July 31, 2010
6 14
dick, male genital organ
dude, you have a huge Paynis!
by theman2217 January 21, 2009
48 10
substitute for the less school appropriate term "penis"
widely used in coverse between bergen academy students in mass emails

a pathetic attempt of social defiance and yet an object of equally satisfying pleasure for those students whose heads are stuck in AP physics textbooks ten hours a day

trivia: rushdoony is the usual scapegoat for the aforementioned emails
I like tha paynis

rushdoony atcs 2010 did it!
by acha10rushdoony February 27, 2008
11 2