payne - a person with an incredibly deceiving smile
That payne is the one who is going to get to the top!!
by Python87 June 11, 2011
Top Definition
A sexy best w/ a huge cock. All girls want him, all boys wat to be him. He is smart, cool, and funny. Having him as a friend or to date him is an acheivement!
OMG he is so hot.
Yeah thats Payne
by the truthdude September 23, 2011
A extremely rich family with British history.
Look, It's a Payne
Do they have an accent??!
by gratata19 November 27, 2014
"Pulling a Payne" refers to an astounding golf shot as a reference to Payne Stewart, the professional golfer.

This is often followed up by a series of odd or distasteful dancing in an effort to mock or otherwise humiliate the defeated person or persons.

This can often be accompanied with continued mocking of the person's values, beliefs, or past actions.

This is then followed with the distribution of ridiculous and often inexplicable nicknames
"Dude, I think he just sunk a hole in one, what a Payne!"

"Did he just do the Cha Cha Slide and then defecate on my shoes?!?"


"Yarglefet, fatatata, text-methage, palmeranian"
by Feelthepayne3 May 29, 2009
1. (noun) an alternative spelling for pain to signify mental pain stemming from frustration or irritation
2. (noun) a person with an incredibly deceiving smile
3. (noun) bitch
1. Oh my goodness this is such a huge payne!
2. I used to think he was a nice guy, but then I realized he's just a Payne.
3. Yo Payne get me a sandwich - and do my homework.
by CoolMitchinstien23 January 30, 2009
a person who means the most in a another person's life and who is obsessed with Harry Potter. A person who you talk about anything to and who makes you laugh at the top of your voice. In general, a man-eating seductress. :)
A mormon PAIN who does heel kicks and goes to Disneyland MILLION times each year. It IS possible. MYSPACE THE PAYNE. :D
by Kazayla November 14, 2006
A very controlling actually insecure man who seeks to gradually gain control over his wife by slowly but surely turning her against her family and friends with his narcissistic judgement and criticisms of everyone but himself. In his perfect world he will have her all to himself. No distractions.
That guy is becoming more and more like the dude on Sleeping With The Enemy every day. He must be a Payne.
by likeimgonnatellu July 10, 2006
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