A borderline criminal online payment service owned by eBay that charges exorbitant fees and has numerous traps in their "terms of service" that enables PayPal to freeze your account and seize your funds for whatever possible reason.

PayPal is run by greedy crooks, mobs, thieves and possibly terrorists and has no customer support whatsoever, only a robot that gives automated responses.

Their so-called "protection" is basically: Sure we'll protect you if something happens, we'll just rape you with fees BEFORE something happens. And if something does happen, you will need to file a case, wait six months, pay another fee and we might give you another automated response.

On top of paying eBay fees (listing, final value, reserve, pictures, etc) you are now forced to use PayPal and ONLY PayPal as your sole methode of payment... (and pay another fee that's worst than Western Union).
I sold a few items last week at a profitable margin on eBay but I made $0 because eBay took all the profit in fees. But then I had to pay PayPal fees so I am at a loss. I hope I can salvage my money because PayPal has now put a hold to my account and I will need to pay another fee to have the funds released and another fee to have to withdrawan to my bank account.
by imbored2 February 21, 2010
Top Definition
A place that allows you to pay other people 'securely' with a credit card or bank account.

See: Ass Rape
I can't believe my Ultima Online account finally sold for 800 dollars. Time to transfer the password.

One day later after transfering password:
Paypal: Your account has been locked due to possible fraudlent activity. Please wait 6 months for us to investigate your account.

6 months later: Investigation has been completed, we were unable to determine whether the activity was fraudulent or not. Please wait another 6 months while we conduct another investigation.

12 months later: We have determined your account to be subject to fraudulent activity and your funds will be removed.

by Renegade_R March 02, 2005
A very shady online payment company. The bastards at PayPal keep some of the money you receive from another PayPal member. They are no good fuckin' assholes!
PayPal is a bunch of crooks!
by Magenta February 06, 2004
The worst online payment service ever. Have been known to freeze your account for no good reason and take your money. It is still frequently used by about 90% of ebay sellers and buyers as a way to recieve and send cash. Sadly, paypal also has many other websites sucking their dicks and using their shitty service as a preferred payment method.
paypal is an evil beast thats getting its nourishment from all those stupid ebayers! screw paypal!
by Cm567 August 23, 2006
An online credit company that charges rediculous fees whenever a costomer pays me, which fucks up my profit.
It took me a while and alot of calculations to figure out a way to improve profit after I heard about ebay fees, now theres paypal fees, what the fuck, theyre both owned by the same company, why is there a fee for both?!
Lets just put it this way, ive sold 12 items, I went from $0.00 to -$14.00. I now owe paypal/ebay 14 bucks! Thats the opposite of profit.
by Reggaetonist December 19, 2004
Paypal is the parent company of eBay Inc. Which takes advantage of customers and consumers alike by making them agree to a lengthy terms of service agreement, which they can alter at any time they wish. Their lust for cash, and high revenues justify their corruption in the society of man.
"I sold an item to some guy, once I had received verified funds, PAYPAL allowed this scammer to reverse the funds. He got the item for free, and Paypal says "your screwed."
by Alwaysbetterthanwill March 04, 2004
a demon of a thing that enjoys boiling your blood to the point that you smash up your computer. When you think of the pros and cons about paypal, you will be left wondering why the fuck did i bother signing up to this thing?
Paypal is certainly not my fucking Pal!
by hard_disco_attic June 24, 2007
A online credit company that bends over backwards to help fraudulent venders steal money from their "customers" Their policies are optimized to screw people out of their money.
Some knob never sent me my item, ebay said be more patient, paypal then said I waited to long to complain, it was past 30 days, your fucked looser we win agian. Oh wait, nice try.. my REAL credit card company will stomp on you like a little tit. Thank god I did not use my bank account like they try and fistfuck you down the throught with... EVERYTIME... no matter what you set as your default. Asswipes. :|
by :| April 07, 2004
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