A taxi driven by a Pakistani. To simplify - a normal taxi. It usually involves getting ripped off and taken advantage of when you are drunk.
"Lads, it's been a long, crazy night and I'm smashed. Shall we all grab a Paxi and go home?"
#paxi #taxi #paci #paki #rip off
by Mannsy May 26, 2008
Top Definition
In certain areas of England, most of the taxi drivers are Pakistani or Asian. Thus, a taxi driven by said people is known as a paxi.
The stupid paxi driver didn't know how to get me to the airport
by ChiliFreak September 28, 2004
paxi is a synonym for "bitch"
She was such a paxi last night, I've been avoiding her calls.
#bitch #crazy fool #ho #slutbag #whore
by emmilythestrange October 26, 2006
1.Another word for Stylish

2.Another word for Classic/Deadly
Bob:"I got some beer!"
"Babe you looking paxi."
#stylish #looking good #good locking #cassic #deadly
by OfarDoto January 21, 2015
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