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Those ppl who stand outside my pawn shop before we open, or after we close, beating on the door and trying it every 5 seconds trying to get in. We call them "pawn zombies" because their antics resemble those of your typical movie zombie from a George Romero flick. These guys are usualy cracked out or messed up on something and just cant wait 2 pawn their junk for a few bucks so they can go down the street and get a fix.
{2 guys running reports before we open the pawn shop}

Guy 1: Hey, somone is at the door. Holy shit man they are trying to brek in!

Guy 2: Naw man, those are just a pawn zombie. Thier harmless. Just point at your watch, shake your head, and smile.

Guy 1: Whew, hes realy tryin that door man. Sure everythings cool?

Guy 2: Ya hes cool. Hes just twitchin for a fix, he thinks the door is magicaly going too open the more he tries it.
by Russ Bus February 21, 2008
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