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The condition of having the extreme giggles. It comes from the word "pavo" meaning turkey, so a person with the pavera is laughing so hard that they sound like a gobbling turkey. Used in parts of Puerto Rico.
by Luz la Boricua December 01, 2010
An uncontrollable urge of laughter.

On rare but great occasions, it's fallowed by tears and a fulfilling pain in the chest that through time spreads throughout the body and gives the impression of possible death.

Regardless of it's origin being from the assimilation of the "pavo" (turkey in spanish) sound and that of laughter, the word's meaning has evolved through generations as the climax of laughter.
Español (Puerto Rico): Ai mano, que clase de pavera!

Translation (English): Ah man, am laughing so much!
by Joche July 11, 2016
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