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British Navy slang dating from around the First World War. A Pavement Fairy is the name for a prostitute or woman of easy virtue. The pavement part comes from these women having 'beats' on the pavement of a particular street, whilst the fairy has nothing to do with homosexualirty, but possibly derives from Cinderella's Fairy Godmother who makes wishes come true.
There's a rude version of the Irish folk song 'The Spanish Lady' that mentions it:

As I walked into Plymouth City,
Union Street it was late at night,
There did I see a pavement fairy
Washing her snatch in the pale moonlight,
First she washed it then she dried it
Over a fire of red hot coal
In all my life I ne'er did see
So much singed hair round a dirty great hole.
Joe's out on the razzle tonight, but he's goin' for the pavement fairy first before he gets too pissed.
by Croatalin November 23, 2013