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Literal Meaning: From the Wind
A uncommon and unique Indian name given specifically to girls who are sweethearts. Pavanis' are smart and caring. They tend to have dirty minds but are great in bed. A Pavani may be athletic,caring,funny, crazy, and unique. Just like their name they are different from all the other girls. God spent alot of time on Pavani's and they are often known and Often are known as "Indian Angels" because of their gorgeous skin, silk black hair , beautiful,sexy bodies, and deep brown eyes. If you ever meet a Pavani you are truely lucky as she will give you good luck and may just make you fall in love with a single glance. Although some say Pavani's are mean and stuck up don't be fooled, for they have never had the pleasure of meeting one. If you so happen to fall in love with a Pavani she will be a great girlfriend and best friend.
by Colorado9 March 11, 2010

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