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As an online discussion of Ron Paul grows longer, the chances of the Constitution being introduced as justification approaches one.

First seen on Reddit's r/EnoughPaulSpam by user VERBW on 2.29.2012
Person A: I disagree with a lot of Ron Paul's positions, it seems like he's a loon who knows nothing about economics and wants the US to idolize the confederacy seen around the 19th century. Sure, I can agree with his non-interventionism, but that's like saying if the color of shit appeals to me, I should disregard that it's shit and eat it as a source of nutrition.

Person B: You hate a man that wants to defend the constitution? THE CONSTITUTION WAS THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED AND YOU "Disagree" WITH OUR SAVIOR? You must be a socialist... or worse: a communist. LIBERTY RON PAUL 2012!

Person A: Paulwin's Law...
#ron paul #paulwin's law #paul #rand paul #paultard #gold standard #loon #crazy #paulite #paulbot
by Dr. Yesenstein February 29, 2012
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