a sexy ass fine girl who can attract any guy any age. she is good at sex and will have you in love. everyone wants to be pauline.
i wish i was pauline..
by jason the fox March 27, 2011
Top Definition
an amazing girl who is easy to fall in love with but doesn't know what she's got, shy and humble shes always considerate of others yet she never settles for anything short of the best
Look, there goes that Pauline and her man.
by Andrew6027 February 03, 2009
a random woman (plain jane) you know from some place who keeps popping up every where you go. you later find out you can no longer get her out of your head let alone live without her.
i'm going crazy over Pauline! i keep seeing her everywhere. on the subway, at the mall, in magazines...
by venusflytrap October 14, 2006
A girl who's fun and supersmart, but she'd rather be thought of as fun and hide her brains.
The Pauline of our 7th hour class didn't appreciate it when the teacher read her project out loud.
by mini-marker April 27, 2009
Pauline's the smartest girl you'll ever meet. She has a great sense of humour and honestly you wish more people would recognise her greatness instead of being jelly little cunts because she's better than them. You'll try to seduce her many times but she's just too good for you.
Person 1: Wow that's Pauline over there!
Person 2: Who? The badass girl talking about underground chinese movies?
Person 1: Yeah!

Person 2: I need to know her...
by Simone G. December 27, 2012
adj : relating to Paul the Apostle or his doctrines, who was an apostle to the Gentiles whose life and teachings are set forth in his epistles and the Acts of the Apostles
Pauline things are awesome and holy.
by pleen May 18, 2006
Is the funniest and smartest girl alive.
She is beautiful and loves YouTube.
She is really tough and buff even if she is not as tall as the others.
Pauline is the best friend you´ll ever get <3
by Canary230 December 06, 2013
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