Paul McCartney is LOVE, is SEX, is CHARM, is GOD. He is surreal and not of this Earth! He is far beyond amaaaazing!! Paul is the most talented person to have ever walked the Earth, and he is also the sexiest!! He has the biggest heart and not a single mean bone in his body...He is too much to be able to describe or define...♥♥♥♥♥♥
He is an English singer-songwriter (his vocal range is tenor), composer, multi-instrumentalist (he knows how to play over 40 instruments, most of which he learned how to play by himself), poet, actor, entrepreneur, record and film producer, painter, and animal rights and peace activist. He was the best Beatle (his songs are the most well-known and sold, he worked the most hours, wrote the most songs, had the best personality and sense of humor of the 4 lads, and was obviously the sexiest man in the world, especially in his 20's and 30's) and had (and still has) the best solo career. In the 70's, he and his wife Linda formed the band Wings, which was arguably the most famous band of the 70's. He is recognized to be the "Ultimate Legend" and one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, musical minds ever. Paul and the other three Beatles revolutionized music and the industry forever. They were also the first to do music videos and write the lyrics of their songs inside the album cover. Paul's "Helter Skelter" also gave the beginnings to the "metal" genre of music.
Paul is still making fantastic songs even though he's been in the music business for over 50 years. His latest album, "Electric Arguments," is surreal.
"Whoa, Paul McCartney has the best personality of any human being, and he is still so damn sexy, even at 67 years old."

"Paul's music is unsurpassed. It has such a deep emotional effect on me like no other."
by macca'sgirl September 22, 2009
Man beauty. Realize it. Love it. Its real.
I have never seen man beauty till I saw Paul McCartney.
by HoneyRoastedHam June 01, 2010
Basically describes the word PERFECT. He's an ex-Beatle...who is a beautiful legend and should be more outspoken. the man is almost 70 and he still looks SO GOOD. he has a voice like a god, he's the most gorgeous, sexiest, unbelievably talented, charming, sweetest man on this earth. if i was within 100 feet of him i'd go ballistic.
Paul McCartney is the most charming man alive.
by Paula McCartney January 29, 2011
Paul Mccartney, if you were real beatles fans, you would know played the bass. He always played turned around because he was learning it when the beatles first started. he did not play it upside down.
Paul McCartney bitch slapped who ever said he was a guitar player.
by Crazy Eddie April 20, 2005
An amazing guy who wrote some good (though trite) songs.
Paul McCartney is the cute one of the Beatles.
by Liza Harmon January 15, 2004
talented, yes. overrated,yes. best song writer ever, no.

paul mccartney was known really as the lead beatle. though to common misconception, the best beatles songs were actually written by george harrison, not mccartney or lennon. paul also was known to pass on good ideas. I.E "while my guitar gently weeps". mccartney said it would never make the record and that it would be a mistake to record it. Harrison prevailed and got eric clapton (see god for more on eric) to play on the track. While my guitar gently weeps is known to lots of beatles fans as the best beatles song ever written.
paul mccartney is an over rated songwriter, still very good though.
by john gallione December 25, 2006
Played bass in the most publified Beatles and did not play with his back turned and did play it upside down when playing a right handed bass. Becuz in those days the Beatles were poor and could only afford what they could. So McCartney used a right handed bass sometimes. Stu Sutcliffe is the former bass player of the Beatles and he played with his back to the audience cuz he sucked and didn't want to get embarrassed.
"You saw Paul McCartney the egotistical, bass player of the Beatles ?"
by Speek iZZy July 05, 2005

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